​About Us
Stone Crafters is a Vermont based company that was created by stone mason Luke Blake in 2012. Luke has over 12 years of stone masonry experience with an exceptional eye for detail and craftsmanship.

Stone Crafters specializes in hand chiseled-dry laid walls, terraces, steps, foundations, and fireplaces. Stones are hand chiseled to fit together tightly and structurally. Luke puts a strong emphasis on hand working the stones in a way that keeps the organic nature of the stone intact and preserved.

“I think to be a good stone mason, you have to learn about the history of the craft. Stonework has been an intricate part of civilization for many years. Whether you are looking at the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, or an old stone fence that winds through the woods, all these structures, all these stones, tell a story that gives us glimpses into the past. Part of what drew me to stonework is the connection it has to our history. The stories are all around us and you don’t have to go far to find them. A short walk through the Vermont woods can reveal old granite foundations and miles of old stone walls. Most of the walls are still standing and show their age through layers of moss and lichen. Stone work is not a new thing, it is an old craft. If you can understand the way it was built then, you will have a better chance of creating something now that will stand the test of time. It is because of this deep respect for the history of the craft that I try to lay the stones how they would have been laid hundreds of years-ago. If I find moss or lichen on stones that are being laid in a new wall, I try very hard not to disturb the surface or break the stone in a way that would look unnatural.”

While Stone Crafters respects the natural beauty of stone, they also distinguish themselves by building with structural integrity. Walls are given batter so they lay back at an angle to ensure they do not push out. Through stones are used that tie back into the wall giving the structure extra strength. Stones are also worked in a way that takes out the wobble or bounce giving you a product with less shims and more stone on stone contact. “You can see walls in the woods that a farmer built as a fence hundreds of years-ago, and they are still standing. You can see old railroad bridges made from hand chiseled dry laid blocks of granite, and trains are still rolling over them. Like the farmer and the railroad worker, I am building my stonework to stand the test of time, not just for this generation, but for many to follow.”

Stone Crafters also incorporates composition into many of its projects. “We compose our stone work in a way that captures the architectural vision of our clients. We achieve this through composition, which involves knowing how the shape and fit of the stone you are working is going to affect the next stone. There is a visual relationship between each stone that determines how the wall will look when it is complete.

“Each project and customer is different, so you must adapt to different designs and styles. What sets Stone Crafters apart is the ability to meet these challenges while laying the stone in a way that preserves its natural beauty while maintaining structural integrity and architectural composition.”     

Check out: The Ancient, Arduous Art of the Stone Wall—Alive and Well in the Upper Valley, in the Daily UV written by Tom Haushalter. https://dailyuv.com/964832